care instructions

Thank you for purchasing the hand dyed yarns from
Wool & Forest.

Each strand was dyed by me with a lot of love. I only use high-quality acid paints for this. After fixing, I rinse the yarn thoroughly, but excess color can escape during the first wash. This is completely normal and does not represent a quality defect. This can occur with particularly strong colours. Each strand is unique. Differences in color are completely normal with hand-dyed yarns, as no two strands are the same. Therefore, I recommend knitting two balls at the same time, alternately (row by row) to avoid visible color differences. Illustrations may deviate from the original, as not every end device reproduces the colors authentically. Knitwear rarely needs to be washed. Ventilation is often sufficient. If washing is still necessary, I recommend hand washing in lukewarm water with a mild wool shampoo. Please do not use fabric softener. In the event of bleeding, it can also be helpful to add one or two dye catch cloths to the wool bath and to bathe knitted items of different colors separately. Squeeze the knitted piece gently, do not wring! Roll it up in a large towel and step on it to gently squeeze out the excess water. Dry flat, lying flat. This way you can enjoy your finished work of art for a long time. I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing your special piece of clothing!

Kind regards Alexandra