Kid Mohair - Poppy -

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Kid Mohair - Poppy -
A semi-solid coloring in a bright poppy red.

Kid Mohair - 2 ply - Base:

Material: 72% Kid Mohair/ 28% Silk
Running length: 420m/50g
Yarn weight: Lace
Needle size: 1.5 -2.5 mm
Care: Hand wash recommended.
Origin: Europe and South Africa

-Non Superwash-

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The price refers to 1 strand of 50g each.

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Wool & Forest Kid Mohair is a double-twisted yarn that is particularly suitable as a yarn with Pure Merino, Sock, Single Merino or DK for scarves, hats and tops. The mohair farm from which this mohair comes places particular emphasis on animal welfare.